The time has finally come for The Harvest. It is reaping time.

The two friends Caroline Larsson Ekström (lead vocals) and Linus Darland (guitar and additional vocals) met a few years back in Stockholm and after the realization that they had the same love for folk music, Americana and the Blues, they started shaping their own songs. Haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics have been created during the Scandinavian seasons while hanging out, eating, drinking and discussing the journey of life. During the last year they have been performing around the city to spread their music and have gathered a faithful group of followers which continues to grow.

Producer Ollie Olson joined up with The Harvest to create an EP that captures the very essence of their music. Ollie has a long track record in making music. He has worked as a producer, mix engineer, songwriter and musician with artists ranging from Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Coolio, Robyn, Teddybears STHLM to Christian Waltz, Frida Öhrn (Oh Laura) and Willy Clay Band.

Cosmos Studios is a renowned recording and mixing studio in Stockholm and The Harvest spent two September days there, enjoying the facilities and the fantastic vibe oozing from every corner of the building. Cosmos has had artists like Iggy Pop, Ed Harcourt, Robyn, The Knife and Eagle-Eye Cherry pay visit to record their music there.

Three fantastic musicians came and put a gold lining on the recordings; Rikard Lidhamn, bass player (Oh Laura), Magnus Olsson, drums (Oh Laura) and Anders Pettersson, guitar (Deportees). Sweden's finest...

Enjoy their 5-track EP and expect a full-length album during the year to come. The Harvest is just getting started so make sure you join them for the ride...

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